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Last saturday on the farmers market I spoke to a farmer about these veggies that looked like a crossing between beans & eggs. Little did I know that I was looking at egg plants, also known as an aubergine, a name I use more than egg plant. I took me a few seconds to realise the funny aspect behind the name of this vegetable. Until now I only knew an egg plant as a beautiful dark purple soft skinned veggie, not as a small white/yellow veggie with the feel of an egg. Of course I had to bring a few home so I could try them & experience a new veggie.

At the same market I bought a lot of Chard & a big yellow zucchini, which I decide to use in a stir fry with the egg plants. With the help of the spiralizer I made some very thick zucchini noodles, with the feel of udon noodles without the gluten & egg :) I just love the spiralizer. Then for the preparation of the dish, I chopped some chili & ginger & sliced the chard the leaves apart from the stem & cleaned some Enoki mushrooms & set aside some raw cashew nuts, ready to start. For flavouring we just used peanut oil and gluten free soya sauce, because the veggies themselves already have an amazing flavour.

The stir fry turned out wonderful the only thing I will add next time is some fresh coriander/cilantro. It was definitely a fun journey to create a dish with so many wonderful veggies & new flavours. The eggplant tasted very full, had a warm flavour, much more intense than the purple eggplant, I loved it. And how can you not love the colours of these veggies, it feels like a colourful autumn dish ^_^

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