[ Sharp Sharp recipe in the making]

This weekend I adapted some of my old recipes, to fit in the Sharp Sharp! theme for the upcoming food market in which i will partake. I tweaked my apricot treats, to spicy apricot treats with some subtle turmeric flavour. I will definitely serve them to whomever wants to try them on the market on the 17th of may.

But the ones with the chocolate coating aren’t on the safe list so far. I still need to experiment a bit more with the coating, maybe even consider a white chocolate coating which is more creamy & will enhance the apricot flavour even better.

So after the fine tuning in the following weeks i will share the recipe with you guys as well. For now just think about the main ingredients, orange soaked sour apricots, nuts, grated coconut, turmeric & red chili pepper. To me it felt like being in South Africa & enjoying the rich fruits in the sun, with a spicy edge to them. Happy to feel those feelings!

Stay tuned this week for an update on the logo for Sharp Sharp!, I feel that I need to make a choice soon, you know that’s not my strongest quality. Back to the drawing board for me now, bye bye.

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