[ Salad Challenge, ingredients from the farmers market ]

I know, guilty, it’s a few days later then planned, but I still finished the challenge & the good thing is I got some ingredients from the farmers market that I used for this salad. Lovely tomatoes, raw¬†pickles & lovely chili. So these veggies were the base of this salad.

On the farmers market called Oogstfestival, there was this lovely stall where they sold all these inspiring veggies & fruits. We also bought some fresh bergamot & round squash, which I will use in another dish later this week. I was a bit to late, since they sold gorgeous purple peas, they would have been a new treat to try.

The salad is a combination of the full flavours of tomato, fresh & sweet bell pepper, fresh green apple, sweet raw pickles, grassy dill & nutty sunflower seeds. & of course don’t forget the spicy bite at the end of the salad from the chili peppers. For the dressing I used some olive oil & apple vinegar, for some round & sour flavour.

I don’t know if I am addicted to dill, but this summer I created a ice pop with dill, salads with dill & quinoa dish with dill. What’s next, maybe an ode to dill as for a lovely herb it is, or more recipes with dill ^_^

On Facebook I will post a poll to see which of the last 5 salads you would want me to recreate & post the recipe here. I know I am ready for a new challenge next week, still figuring out what the challenge will be. I loved doing this challenge so much, apart from new inspiration, the lovely salads to eat & the rush of creating a new recipe every day.

Later today I will post a recap of the market we attended with Sharp Sharp.


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