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This salad is a very nice combination of fresh spicy ginger and the full nutty flavours of the mushrooms. Every since my friend Romina, introduced me to the proper Japanese cuisine, I am hooked. Combinations of miso paste, mirin, sesame seed, ginger & so many more, makes me want to create new dishes.

In this salad I made a dressing of sesame seeds, soya sauce (gluten free of course), mirin, rice vinegar, sesam oil & freshly grated ginger. For the salad I used cabbage, Japanese mushrooms, sprouts, spring onion & snap peas. Some ingredients I quickly stirred fried in a wok pan for a few minutes before using in the salad, of course it’s what you prefer. I think for some of these mushrooms, the flavour stands out more after heating quickly.

I will post the recipe for this salad next week anyway, since I just adore this salad. Now I really have to rush, because I have am baking some new tart crust, to find the best crust/combination to go with my ginger/lemon curd. Tomorrow it’s already time to sell our food at the market, so I have to see if I find the time to partake in the last day of the salad challenge.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I had to post this photo as well, since I think it’s such a pretty photo & feels very Japanese. I love our Bamboo plants in our small garden.

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