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Excited, I am excited about the salad challenge, but also excited it’s only 2 days before we’re selling Sharp Sharp food on a market again. Today and tomorrow are just planned in for cooking, just cleaned almost 1 kg of red chili peppers & soaking apricots for our apricot treats. Still have to test bake 2 dishes, 1 to make more spicy & the other one trying to make a nice ginger/lemon curd. Very energetic and a bit restless, because so much to do & in so little time. But we’re going for Sharp Sharp!

Okay back to the salad challenge, yesterday I created a new beetroot salad. It turned out super yummy, but next time I will add some walnuts or sunflower seeds for an extra layer of crunchy & nutty feel to the salad. So far the salad ingredients are, beetroot, dill, spinach, red onion, goat cheese. With a dressing of apple cider vinegar & olive oil. How I love the combination of the grassy dill & the earthy sweet beetroot, definitely a try for all of you.

Today’s salad¬†will at least include the following ingredients: japanese mushrooms, ginger & soy.

Have a great day & tomorrow a new update.

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