[ Day 2: Tomato salad with cumin & coriander]

Yes day 2, dreaming about tomatoes and cumin, haha. So yesterday evening it was time to make a salad with a dressing based on cumin & coriander. In the end I wanted these 2 spices to stand out in the salad combined with the full flavour of the tomato, so I kept the other ingredients quit basic, just the red peppers, for a fresh warm flavour.

The red chili pepper was added for a bit of spicy to add an extra layer to the earthy feel of the walnuts.  For the dressing I used avocado oil, this is at the moment a huge hit in South-Africa, where they use a lot of avocado oil in salads. It taste very nice & is a natural source of omega 3, 6 & 9, so it’s perfect for vegetarians & vegans.

Today’s salad will be one based on beetroot & dill, the other ingredients aren’t decided just yet. 3 more salads to go this week, inspiration!


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