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I love it when it’s plum season. My parents have a few plum trees in their garden & this year they had an amazing harvest of plums. So this weekend was all about cooking and baking with this gorgeous summer fruit. After baking a delicious plum tart, the whole house was filled with a lovely aroma, but I still had some plums left.

Normally it’s my sister or my mum who makes the jams, but this year it’s my turn. Finding the perfect recipe can be very hard, because jam and the sweetness of jam all depend on personal taste. For me the challenge was to make a jam with as little sugar and pectin as possible, but still taste sweet & have a sticky texture.

In the end I used only ¼ of the advised sugar, but the jam taste amazing & definitely sweet enough. In my next jam I will use more spices, like cinnamon or anise, but for this jam I wanted just intense plum flavour.

low sugar Plum jam


  • 1200 gr of pitted plums
  • 100 gr sugar
  • 25 gr pectin

First rinse, clean and pit the plums. Then mix the plums, sugar & pectin and cook for 10 to 15 minutes, until ready. Make sure to stir constantly to prevent burning. To see if your jam is ready, test this by dripping some jam on a cold plate, if it’s solid and sticky, it’s ready.

In the mean time sterilize your jars in a pan with boiling water; let it boil for around 5 minutes. Also sterilize the spoons you will use to fill the jars. Let it dry on a clean kitchen towel after boiling & start filling the jars.

When the jars are filled, put them up side down on a wooden board, until cooled down. This will take up to 3 hours. Enjoy, your homemade plum jam!

Makes around 1.2 kg of jam (around 6 medium jars)

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