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To be honest I just had to have this pan, I have been obsessed the last few weeks with this pan. Last month I was just randomly watching some cooking shows, stopped to watch 20-minute meals by Jamie Oliver. And there it was this blue gem of a pan. After doing some searching on the Internet I found the pan, it was a Dansk kobenstyle pan from the 1950, and not for sale anymore.

Untill recently Crate & Barell started selling a remake of the model from the fifties. Happy as I was that I found it & could buy it, I was hold back by the amount of shipping cost I needed to pay. But lucky me, my lovely sis was in New York last week & yes, she had space in her suitcase to bring the pan home to me. Thanks Sis, you rock! Jippie! So here it is, my lovely new kobenstyle pan!

P.S. Still on the lookout for a vintage version from the 1950 in the color Teal, but patience is always rewarded.

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