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Just a small blogpost about my newly found enamel bowl, i came across this amazing bowl while going to different second hand store in Somerset West South Africa. This one i found at The Shed, which is owned by the lovely Erica. Her store is the one where you can wonder around for a bit not knowing what you will bring home this time, since there are so many amazing hidden treasures. And Erica is amazing company, which makes you stay even longer in her store ;)

The salad in the bowl is for another blogpost, because i am still tweaking the recipe a bit, it’s lacking something. But the ingredients so far are quinoa, dille, parsley, goat cheese, red pepper & olive oil. Thinking of adding some nuts for flavour and bite.

Have a great weekend & hopefully i will find time to go through our 35 GB of photos from our road-trip in South Africa to share some with you next week.


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