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It’s been a week since I arrived home from South Africa. A week of longing back to sunny sun, inspiring people, tasteful food & many other things. I always need time after travelling to accept being home again, but I need just a little bit more after a trip to South Africa.

The coming weeks I will share some of the stories, products & some newfound inspiration in food with you. But first I would love to share this company: Relate bracelets. My sister told me about this organization when she came across the bracelets in her travels, it intrigued me to see people embracing the bracelets, to create awareness for the cause they want to fight for, support & make a statement.

Relate bracelets serves not only as a platform to support good causes but as well as a company that provides jobs in townships & new opportunities in the process. They are a social enterprise based on transparency and accountability. In a diagram on the back of the packaging they explain how the proceeds are spent. 1/3 is donated directly to the cause, 1/3 is invested in training funds & new development & 1/3 is material & running cost. The training funds give their employees the opportunity to learn new skills, study, gain confidence & to move forward.

The bracelets I bought are for different causes close to my heart: against rhino poaching, for preserving the ocean, the fight against AIDS & malaria, for a organization against animal testing & the fight for endangered animals. As well as a special edition at the Design Indaba 2014 for change through design.

I am wearing the bracelets with pride & hope to contribute a little bit by opening dialogue for these causes & talk about Relate to support their company & mission. And they are colourful and happy bracelets and while wearing them a small reminder to myself to not forget. Check out their website as well on: www.relate.org.za

Thank you for taking the time to read this blogpost & hopefully I spot you guys wearing these Relate bracelets to ^_^

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