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A week ago I arrived in one of my favorite cities, Cape-Town, South Africa. Being back feels like being home, it’s been 3 years since my last visit & a lot has changed. To me Cape-Town means sun, happy people, incredible nature & loads of design.  There is never enough time to experience all the city has to offer. One of the things I love to do is going to the different supermarkets & discover new food trends. On my search I already had some great finds, such as non-gmo vegetable stock without any flavour enhancers & guar gom.

Yesterday I went to the Montague factory store in Cape-Town where I found a new product: Carob bars, with ginger or pecan nuts. Carob is a substitute for cocoa powder and is used as a sweetener as well.

Apart from this I bought loads of dried fruits & yoghurt-coated fruits. I had to share a photo of these amazing treats, all glutenfree & without added e-numbers or other ingredients I try to avoid.

In the picture you see all kinds of delights that I will enjoy the next few weeks. Now I have to try not to finish them all before my sister & boyfriend arrive in Cape-Town. Of course I will have to go back to the store before I leave South Africa, since I know besides my Mum there are many others who would love to taste these treats as well.

Next week I will be exploring more cafe’s, restaurants & design shops in Cape-Town.  And I am feeling super excited about my visit to the Design Indaba 2014, will keep you posted.

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