[ My pledge not to eat fish ]

Since 2010 I stopped eating fish, it’s a choice I made after watching the documentairy: The End of the Line. It’s hard since I always loved eating fish, I grew up eating fish & it’s even in my roots, not to mention I love sushi. So my mum grew up in a romantic fishermen’s town near Cape Town, South Africa, my grandfather was a skilled boat builder & my grandmother her parents were fishermen.  When I was a child and we visited my family we ate loads of good and healthy fish, there are many traditions to eat fish & we supported the local fishermen.

But for now back to the present, I am not eating fish for almost 3 years now, I do miss it a lot, so when I came across a Vegetarian Butcher in the Netherlands, yep, you‘re reading it right, a vegetarian one, I was super excited. And when I was looking around, my eyes couldn’t believe it, Vegetarian Tuna.

Finally I could recreate the recipe my mum always makes for us as a treat, this recipe is the perfect balance between tuna & the rest of the ingredients. Since it’s been a family secret for as long as I remember, I can’t reveal the ingredients, but there are plenty of good recipes to be found on the internet.

The vegetarian tuna taste like the real deal, so do consider using this product if you have cravings for tuna. It will make a small change in the survival of tuna.

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