[ First tea ritual in China ]

3 years ago when I visited the tea market in Guangzhou, I got the change to partake in a traditional tea ritual. In this experience, I learned to understand the process, brewing & other aspects of tasting tea. The perfect temperature, warming your teacups, using a smelling cup, overflowing the teapot to create even flavours & drinking from small teacups. All these aspects enhance the flavour of tea & add up to experience tea in it’s full essence.

Here you can see an example of a gongfu tea ritual.

Of course in my daily life I can’t perform the tea ritual every time I want to drink tea, otherwise I would be performing the ritual hourly, since I consume quit some tea. But a few times a month I want to sit down, take my time to perform the ritual, enjoy the flavours & dream away.

The tea I  am using mostly in my tea rituals is a oolong tea, specifically a 凍頂 | dong-ding oolong or a 铁观音 | tieguanyin, depending if I am longing for chestnut tones or flowery flavours.

Soon I hope to share with you guys a small video on how to perform the ritual.

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