[ Vintage watches, my addiction ]

I am always looking around for second hand watches, especially the vintage watches from the seventies. Sometimes i think for watch fashion, I was born in the wrong time period.  On the photo you see 2 watches that i simply adore, because of their design, simplicity & use of material.

Each day i spend quite some time browsing through ebay pages & the dutch version ‘marktplaats’, to find myself a [lite2]new to be loved watch[/lite2] . I do have a list of certain brands that contain my absolute favourites watches, that i am secretly hoping to find when i am searching. Although the best way to find new watches is going to secondhand markets, but i have to admit most of the time i am to lazy to wake up early on Saturday morning.

Soon i will be away for a holiday to South-Africa & i am planning to go to a lot of secondhand markets & vintage stores to find new watches and accessories. I will keep you posted on newly found treasures.

Have a great weekend

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