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Tea, jippie, this morning the doorbell rang, or I have to say a knock on the door, since our doorbell stopped working a while ago.  Excited opening the box i just received & there it is, some new fresh tea and some really cute samples to try.

I ordered the tea from a webshop in Holland: Hotsoup, I have been ordering tea there for some time now and I am very happy with the quality & the range of teas they offer. Tea-fanatics like me & my boyfriend are always on the lookout to find new places to buy tea from. The last few years my boyfriend traveled a lot to China bringing back tea, that he bought directly on the Tea market in Guangzhou. But with no trip in the next few months we needed to order some new teas again to satisfy our need for a nice cup of tea.

To tell you specific I ordered a variety of tea, including, 2 green teas, 2 white teas, 1 blue tea & 1 black tea. The 2 green teas that I ordered are amongst my favorite green tea, Shi Feng Long Jing DragonWell & a Monkey King Tai Ping Hou Kui Premium. These tea flavors are really hard to describe, for me they are both soft, pure, slightly flowery, but above all pure taste that I can’t find in anything else. A good quality green tea, doesn’t need any added flavor, it’s all about the location, harvest methods & the soil.

I ordered a Oolong tea or a blue tea, which is a tea in-between a green and black tea, this has to do with the way they process the tea. And in this case a Dong Ding Oolong, from Taiwan. This tea is the opposite of the flavor of the green teas I just described, the flavor is stronger, with roasted chestnut undertones. A tea I love to drink in the afternoon and even at dinner, since it’s very nice to pair with food.

All this talking about tea makes me longing for some tea  & the feeling it gives me. So straight to our Tea Closet (more about this later) and start selecting one of the new teas to drink.

P.S. on the photo you see the Teamaker from Philips designed by my lovely Sister, soon i will post more details on this product.

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