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It’s been a while, but the last 2 weeks I have been travelling & attended a wedding from my lovely friend Helen. It was a 1920’s wedding, so everyone dressed up wearing clothes from this era. It was a beautiful & romantic wedding and very special to celebrate love at this romantic location in Tuscany!

Before the wedding we decided to make a small road trip. We started in the Netherlands, then Belgium to visit Brugge & Antwerp, France to visit Metz & Nancy, Switzerland to visit Lucerne & Lugano & to Italy to visit Como, Milano, Genova, Pisa, Florence, Siena & Cortona. And to travel to so many different countries and its amazing cities is a treat itself, but to try to find a typical food product from each city is an even bigger treat ^_^

In Belgium we ate Chocolate made by Dominique Persoone | The chocolate line, surprising chocolate, such as wasabi bonbons, yuzu & tea flavours & sundried tomato olive bonbons. Each chocolate bonbon is a journey through amazing textures & flavours.

In Nancy we visited a lovely Art Nouveau candy store, Maison Lefevre, to enjoy the Bergamot sweets & Macarons specific to Nancy. The tin the bergamot sweets are packed in was featured in the movie Ameli. The owner of the store showed us around & gave us a tour through his shop filled with treats & amazing art nouveau art. Definitely one to check out when you’re visiting Nancy.

On our strolls in Lucerne, we came across a teashop, L’art du The, where we bought new teas, A darjeeling, silver needle white tea & a super tasteful green tea from China. In Lugano, we visited a chocolate factory and bought of course loads of amazing Swiss chocolate.

Then in Italy, we tasted the lovely Pesto which originates from Genova, which tasted amazing.  The wedding took place at the beautiful villa/winery, Tenimenti Luigi d’alessandro, where we drank very good wines, from borgo syrah, vino santo & bianco del Borgo.  Apart from all the lovely wine, the food was amazing too, very pure Italian food. In Siena we enjoyed gluten free almond pastries at Nannini, which I will try to recreate to share the recipe on my blog, so all of you can taste them too.

And after all these amazing treats all we had to do was find a big supermarket to buy the items from my shopping list to take home & fill the cupboards in my kitchen. I bought some good balsamic vinegar from Modena, different dried beans, good risotto rice, sundried tomatoes, dried prunes & some fresh veggies.

Time to use all my new ingredients to make some new dishes & recipes so you can all enjoy the flavours of these wonderful countries we visited. Have a great weekend, I know what I will be doing ^_^

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