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I think of myself as a person who cares about our environment, about being durable & finding the best way to pollute as little as possible. On my blog, i want to write about a lot of green choices i make in my daily life. Going from choices in beauty products, to the quantity of taking showers, or the old fashioned products to clean your house, but also buying groceries in the most durable way.

For example, why do we need straight cucumbers, the ones that are imperfect taste the same, but they aren’t sold in the normal supermarket. So i vote for food that looks like it did decades ago, yes to wrinkly apples and crooked cucumbers.

On the photo from left to right starting at the first row to the last:

organic green tea | vintage broche & earrings | apple | washcloth | Lush conditioner green tea candy | potato starch packaging material used by Lush | vintage bracelet | self grown cress | nail polish not tested on animals

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:: I am Renate :: and I am in love with loads of things in life, beside my partner in crime, I love drinking tea, creating recipes, exploring the world, being green & loving my work as a graphic designer.

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